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  • Supporting emerging leaders
  • Walking with Sexual minorities and Sexworkers

For the dignity of sex workers and sexual minorities

News & Updates

Call for Fellowships for Two Sex Workers in Tamil Nadu

Posted on Sept 8, 2016

Solidarity Foundation is offering a fellowship to two sex workers from Tamil Nadu. The application deadline is 30th Sept, 2016.


Posted on Aug 16, 2016

Transforming the Language of Music

Redefining Inclusion

Posted on Aug 16, 2016

A one-day workshop held by Solidarity Foundation, QAM(I) and the Planet Romeo foundation aimed at 'Redefining Inclusion'.

About Us

We are a young foundation, set up to walk with, and support sex workers and sexual minorities. The main communities that we partner with are non-English speaking sex workers and sexual minorities who are at the frontlines of social change. We are unique because we are part of the movements we fund.

Our Activities

Our fellowship programme is aimed at making sure that change-makers are able to raise their voice and shape the agenda around issues of sexuality at the state/national level. It is a step towards ushering in change in favour of SM and SW in India.

Get Involved

You have a key role to play in this process of change, whether you are a corporation, a foundation, or an individual. You can contribute to our cause and associate with us by donating money, time or resources. Students, volunteers, interns – WE NEED YOU ALL.

Our Donors

Our work is made possible by funding from various people. Many corporates, foundations and individuals have immensely supported our communities in their endeavours. Some of our recent donors are corporates like ThoughtWorks and individuals like Dolly Koshy, Sravanthi Dasari, Priya Prabhu, Asma Naseer, Sowmya etc.

Our Partner CBOs

We are happy to announce our partners from Karnataka and Telangana. Click here for details.