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As a foundation you want to ensure that the focus is on the root causes of social, economic and environmental injustices. And that is exactly where our efforts are focussed. The issues that we are dealing with have received scant attention. As a big foundation, you may find it difficult to reach out to small groups. So there is where we come in. We have the expertise to engage with these communities and with these issues. You can make us one of your partners, or support us in other ways.

How Can You Help?

Make us a partner

We provide you with the opportunity to work with issues of sexuality. To support livelihood options as well as rights-based work. This may be core area of interest for you or a field of work that you want to begin start to engage with. We have been engaging with these collectives for years and have learnt from them and a range of experts. We have a strong commitment to transparency, accountability and being responsive to the needs of the communities we are working with.

Promote our Web-link

You can help us further our reach to a varied population by circulating our web address through your websites and social media platforms. As an established foundation your reach with a range of stakeholders must be vast. Linking our website on yours will help many more people and organisations get to know about us, our work and more importantly the communities we work with.

Training Programme

If you or your partners are keen to understand issues around sexuality, we could conduct workshops or training sessions with you. Our programmes mainly address issues of gender and sexuality, which we can pitch at different levels, depending upon our trainees. We charge a nominal amount as fee for the trainings, which would be used to support our work.

Fund-raising/Grant-Making Strategies

You could share with us your expertise on fund-raising and grant-making strategies. As a young foundation that is learning the ropes we could learn from your experience and knowledge. Since different organisations have evolved different strategies, we would greatly benefit from understanding yours, as new, innovative methods of obtaining and providing funds can be gained from our interaction.

Donate Now

If you wish to donate, you can write to us or call us and we will follow up with you. Thanks!

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