Project Vayati

This is an exciting new project that will see at least 30 transgender people take up a range of jobs in the formal sector. Members from the transgender community face tremendous challenges including in finding jobs where they are accepted and respected for who they are. Project Vayati is designed to address the needs of members of transgender communities who wish to seek employment in the formal sector. We reach out to the community to understand their needs; we also interweave support of corporate bodies. Then based on their aptitude we would support them to develop skill sets that would help them find a job. We would also be working with them to enhance their confidence, offer guidance during interviews and placements and providing continual backing during the training period. Simultaneously we will work with companies to ensure that an enabling atmosphere is created for the trans employees. We believe that having trans people in the organisation, is hugely beneficial for companies. We are seeking support for this project. We need money, support with placements, support with skill training and volunteers to help with the many aspects of this project. We have to succeed and we need you to make it possible