We support

Building Collectives

At Solidarity Foundation, we believe in encouraging people to work together towards shared goals. To us, it makes more sense to enable people to participate in the process, rather than set up projects to deliver services. For this reason, we hope to endorse democratic membership-based organisations with, transparent and ethical policies that

  1. Empower relevant communities;
  2. Engage with stakeholders;
  3. Change public opinion to favour working class sexual minorities and sex workers;
  4. Help them access their rights and take part in human rights advocacy.

Building Capacity

In today’s world, organisations need to be adaptable. Their survival banks on their skills and abilities. We provide the support they need to strengthen and develop their capabilities. We help them expand their perspectives; this allows them to better understand the root cause of problems, to increase their understanding of themselves and of others, and to adapt their existing skills and knowledge to improve the leadership, the organisation, their resources, and so on.

We assign mentors to work with individuals and groups, guide them through the processes, and help them gain access to resources and information. If required, we also provide psycho-social support.

Building Alliances

Working alone in this arena can be a difficult task. Alliances are important in bringing like-minded organisations and individuals together in order to combine and harvest their knowledge base and resources. Many network that currently exist are seemingly dominated by middle-class activists and leaders; while this is advantageous and has undoubtedly yielded results, it is possible that the working class and their concerns are being overlooked in this struggle.

To make a greater impact, we encourage the formation of alliances and networks that ensure all the participants are united in purpose. These networks can work in ways that incorporate the key differences in the agenda of their members, rather than simply overlooking them. Solidarity Foundation hopes to facilitate joint campaigns, dialogues, and common actions that foster such alliances.


We provide fellowships and grants to help leaders develop among working class sexual minorities and sex workers. In our first phase, our efforts are focused on southern states in India, specifically in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha.